is a service in which our company compiles it based on your financial transaction data. This service can be described as an accounting outsourcing with our company as the external party.

Financial Statements Compilation Service

is similar to our Bookkeping services whereas the difference is that our compilation services offers in depth complexity. For example, if your company owns several business units or has more than one subsidiary or branch with its vary own products and financial reporting, a compiled financial statement will help you manage your company.

Financial Statements Review

We are offering an independent review on the financial statements that has been compiled by the management at your office which is usually done by the internal accounting department. BTara Chartered Accounting Firm offers these kind of review which can be used:

  • To ensure the reviewed financial statements have been sufficient with the General Accepted Accounting Principle [GAAP]
  • To guarantee that our client’s financial statements is compiled according to IFRS / PSAK
  • To review whether the method for compiling the financial statements is capable to reflect the actual financial condition of our client.
  • To give a recommendation on those three aforementioned points if any of those points is unsuitable with client’s internal bookkeping.

IT Service/Accounting Information Systems

from BTara Accounting Firm consist of; An accounting software that connected to every financial transaction in a company which can be compiled into profit/loss report, balance report, cash flow report, etc Accounting Information System which take form as a Standard Operational Procedure and job description for financial department in a company. This system will develop a streamlined financial process starting from the lowest level into the highest level in a company. An output of this information system based on financial SOP are:

  • Corporate Financial and Accounting Policy
  • Financial and Accounting Standard Operating Procedure
  • Work Instruction
  • Form and Template
  • Job description for Financial Department.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

our firm will conduct an audit on an agreed procedure. Our qualified auditors offer a counsel and collaborate with client based on the client’s needs. This audit will be based on financial report or particular bookkeeping. Our firm will conduct a study to identify whether a process is consistent or not based on the agreed procedure. In the end, any finding will be comunicated with our client.

Management Service

is a managerial service in the form of suggestion, input, idea, recommendation and technical guidance which can be used by our client who needs a partner to discuss any managerial problem in the company. Furthermore, we are also offering our assistance in implementing those suggestions. Technically, this can be done by assigning our team into a temporary structural and managerial position. Our firm can assist the management comprehensively in order to achieve the designated goal.

Tax Advisory

is a service for private, public or corporate who need assistance to ensure the transparency and consistency in its tax report. BTara Accounting Firm offers a guidance which will help our client in their tax preparation and reporting.

The following tax can be assisted and prepared by BTara Accounting Firm;

  • Corporate Tax / PPh Badan Psl 25
  • Personal Tax / PPh Orang Pribadi
  • Employee Tax / PPh Psl 21 Karyawan
  • Value Added Tax [VAT]/ Pajak Pertambahan Nilai [PPN]
  • Final Taxes / Pajak Pajak Final
  • Tax Claim / Restitusi Pajak
  • Objection and / Keberatan dan Banding
  • And any other related to monthly and yearly tax returns

In a case in which our client face an obstacle or even already facing a tax penalty, our firm offers assistances in the process in order to prevent the unwanted effect on the business process and guiding our client in the tax problems that they are facing.

HR Management Service

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the term used to describe formal systems devised for the management of people within an organization. The responsibilities of a human resource manager fall into three major areas: staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work. Essentially, the purpose of HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees. This mandate is unlikely to change in any fundamental way, despite the ever-increasing pace of change in the business world. “the basic mission of human resources will always be to acquire, develop, and retain talent; align the workforce with the business; and be an excellent contributor to the business. Those three challenges will never changeā€. We are offering an independent partner to the management to establish those three major areas and the basic mission of Human resources in the company.

Loan Proposal

is a process where a person or company communicates their business ideas in a simple way, less complex and detailed than the business plan. Loan Proposal is also a requirement for an entity who want to propose a loan to creditor / investor such as Bank and other parties. BTara Accounting Firm helps client in their process of developing a loan proposal based on their needs. Our firm will give our professional support in order to compile a proposal that can achieve our client goals. In the whole process, our team will intensely discuss with our client so as to find an ideal meaning and goals which will be part of the compiled loan proposal.

Financial Modeling

or modeling for financial management is a modeling that is developed to control and execute any cash flow from the sponsor / project owner. This modeling usually conducted by the large industry entity such as Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Process Plants, etc Gigantic project which require an enormous investment [> 1 trillion Rupiahs] will need a financial modeling to supervise and to control the cash flow from the initial investment in that project. BTara Chartered Accounting Firm can assist your company in developing the financial model, our best accountant and expert will aid you in the process.

Standard Operating Procedure [SOP]

is a set of activities designed to streamline and standardize the workflow within an organization or company. The management of a company develop an SOP to be followed by everyone in the company. BTara Chartered Accounting Firm provides assistance to the management in compiling activities that can be standardized. With a participatory method, we want to develop a consent among all stakholders inside the company in order to develop a standardized process which will be followed in our client’s company.

Business Planning

is one of the most complicated parts of business which require a consistency during its planning as well as into its execution. Therefore, it is imperative that the BUSINESS PLAN is systematic, informative and also capable to deliver a good feedback. We are proud to help you develop your business plan.